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Command-line PSORTb:

You are encouraged to use the Docker version, versus the command-line version, until a new version comes out. If you wish to be notified when the new version comes comes out, you may subscribe to the psort-update mailing list. Email with "subscribe psort-update" in the subject or body of the message.

A command-line version of PSORTb for Linux and Mac OSX is available for download under the GNU General Public Licence (GNU GPL). If you make use of the program in your research, please cite one of the following, noting the version of the software:

  • PSORTb v.3.0: N.Y. Yu, J.R. Wagner, M.R. Laird, G. Melli, S. Rey, R. Lo, P. Dao, S.C. Sahinalp, M. Ester, L.J. Foster, and F.S.L. Brinkman (2010) PSORTb 3.0: improved protein subcellular localization prediction with refined localization subcategories and predictive capabilities for all prokaryotes. Bioinformatics 26(13):1608-1615.
  • PSORTb v.2.0: J.L. Gardy, M.R. Laird, F. Chen, S. Rey, C.J. Walsh, M. Ester, and F.S.L. Brinkman (2005) PSORTb v.2.0: expanded prediction of bacterial protein subcellular localization and insights gained from comparative proteome analysis, Bioinformatics 21(5):617-623. doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/bti057
  • PSORTb v.1.0: Jennifer L. Gardy, Cory Spencer, Ke Wang, Martin Ester, Gabor E. Tusnady, Istvan Simon, Sujun Hua, Katalin deFays, Christophe Lambert, Kenta Nakai and Fiona S.L. Brinkman (2003). PSORT-B: improving protein subcellular localization prediction for Gram-negative bacteria, Nucleic Acids Research 31(13):3613-17.

There is also a Docker version of PSORTb. (what is docker?)

The PSORTb executables can be found beneath the following short survey...

Quick Feedback Request:

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Download the latest version of PSORTb for local use:

1. PSORTb module:

  • Bio-Tools-PSort-3.0.6 - 1 file (bin/psort) has been updated in this latest version of the package. This bug fix addresses a change in bioperl and ensures input sequences entered in lower case give the same results to those entered in upper case. Please note, the fix requires use of the IO::String perl module (version 1.08) available from CPAN.
  • libpsortb-1.0 library files for PSORTb-3.0.

2. Required prerequisite modules:

These modules MUST be installed BEFORE PSORTb is installed.

You must also have the following components in place before PSORTb is installed.

  • Either a Linux distribution or Mac OS X - PSORTb has been tested and found to work on the following Linux distributions to date: Ubuntu.
  • Perl version 5.005_03 or higher (5.6.x or higher recommended) - The latest version of Perl can be obtained from
  • The Bioperl library version 1.2.x or higher - While PSORTb *has* been tested on earlier versions of Bioperl, the latest version is strongly recommended. Bioperl can be obtained from
  • The perl module IO::String version 1.08 or higher - This module is available from CPAN.
  • A working installation of standalone NCBI BLAST - BLAST can be obtained from the NCBI FTP site at
  • A working installation of PFTOOLS - PFTOOLS can be obtained from or from our website.

Read the PSORTb instructions:

Archives of previous versions of PSORTb can be found here.

Compatibility Notice: At this time, PSORTb will only function under Linux/x86, Linux and Mac OSX. If any researcher is able to patch PSORTb to operate under an operating system other than Linux, we would appreciate your description of the changes you made. Please contact us.


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